In 2023, How Will VR and 3D Visuals Affect Shopping?

In 2023, How Will VR and 3D Visuals Affect Shopping?

Jan 30, 2023

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Have you felt that there's been a great change in your shopping experience in the last 5-10 years? Isn’t it more convenient now to shop what we like? 

In 2023, we’re still looking forward to finding an easier and easier way to shop. The rise of immersive shopping experiences powered by Virtual Reality (VR) and cutting-edge 3D visuals has made a remarkable impact. TilesView is a big example of utmost buying convenience. This app brings you a level of immersion. You, as a tile shopper, explore and evaluate products with an unmatched level of scrutiny and excitement.

So, how does this app manage to showcase products in captivating and lifelike detail? Let’s check it out!

The Impact of VR and 3D Visuals on Shopping

If you’ve ever used Virtual reality (VR) and 3D visuals for shopping, you must be able to feel how significantly it affects our shopping experience. 

Today, retailers are finding new ways to engage customers and do all experiments to provide them with an immersive shopping experience.  


Virtual reality (VR) and 3D visuals have heavy potential to revolutionize the way we shop for products. This allows customers to immerse themselves in a virtual environment and explore different products before making a purchase. So, besides making shopping extremely enjoyable, customers are able to make perfect decisions. 

When we talk about the flooring industry, a huge percentage of users who have used Virtual reality (VR) and 3D visuals for shopping have agreed on the fact that they were less likely to face disappointment. The reason? Customers are able to see how a product looks and fits in their own space.

VR and 3D visuals also have the potential to increase sales for retailers. Besides customer experience enhancement, VR and 3D visuals also have the potential to increase sales for retailers. The shopping experience gets more immersive, and this further leads to greater customer engagement and sales. 

We can certainly expect that many retailers will adopt this technology in 2023 and beyond. It offers customers an enhanced shopping experience and boosts retailers’ sales revenue. 

How do 3D Visuals Help Exploring Products in Detail? 

3D visuals are taking the stage in the 2023 shopping arena. Earlier, we just had static images and limited perspectives. However, now it’s time consumers can explore products in stunning detail, both in physical stores and online. This high-end shopping experience (thanks to 3D visualization technology) is quickly reshaping our style of interaction with the product and pushing sales decisions. 

Who doesn’t love captivating and interactive showcases of the products before shopping? Yes, gone are the days of traditional product displays. But what’s the difference between now and then?

Well, just walking into a store and being able to examine each item from every angle with a simple gesture or touch. Inspecting products in three-dimensional space provides a level of engagement previously unimaginable, no matter if we talk about any gadget, jewelry, or tiles.

Today, we can see a lot of retailers adopting augmented reality (AR) mirrors and displays. This lets the customers virtually "try on" products. How does that work? Well, just imagine you want to see how that new pair of sunglasses looks on your face. Just place yourself in front of the AR mirror. It will superimpose the glasses onto your reflection. You’ll get a realistic preview before making a purchase.

Isn’t that awesome?

Since 3D visuals have marked their presence, online shopping is also undergoing a profound transformation. We can see numerous E-commerce platforms incorporating 3D product images that users can manipulate and view from multiple angles.

This dynamic presentation enhances the customer's understanding of the product. On top of that, it reduces the uncertainty associated with online purchases. So, customers are able to decide perfectly on what to buy, and this directly leads to increased customer satisfaction.


Today, home decor enthusiasts and interior designers are highly using 3D visuals in online shopping. It’s now possible for them to virtually place furniture, decor items, and even floor tiles in their living spaces. So they can visualize how they would look before buying.

This level of customization and personalization highly helps the shopper's curate spaces that truly reflect their individual style.

Retailers are getting more and more creative with the introduction of 3D visuals in shopping. Making their customers engage with the products is much easier for them now.

It brings the tactile experience of physical shopping into the digital realm. So, the entire shopping journey is more immersive and enjoyable.

From Showrooms to Living Rooms: How VR is Transforming Home Furnishing Shopping

We have already discussed up there how Virtual Reality (VR) has emerged as a game-changing technology. In true words, VR transcends the limitations of traditional showrooms. So, consumers can virtually step into beautifully curated spaces. It becomes convenient for them to explore an extensive range of furniture and decor options without leaving their homes.

Shoppers can take virtual tours of entire room setups With VR headsets. Want to redesign your living room? You don’t even need to travel from store to store. Just put on your VR headset, and enjoy virtually walking through different living room designs. You’re free to try out various furniture arrangements, color schemes, and decor elements.

We need to appreciate the level of realism that VR brings to home furnishing shopping. Consumers can freely do various tasks like:  

  • Seeing the texture of fabrics
  • Gauging the dimensions of furniture pieces
  • Even get a sense of how natural light interacts with the space

And the main thing is - all of them without buying!

This level of immersion is enough to bridge the gap between the physical and digital shopping experiences. This highly empowers consumers to make confident and informed decisions.

VR has become an invaluable tool for interior designers and home improvement enthusiasts. They’re able to present their clients with realistic 3D visualizations of potential designs. This way, idea communication becomes easy, and everyone stays on the same page before any changes are made.

VR is poised to become an integral part of the home furnishing shopping experience beyond 2023. Not just it opens up a world of possibilities but it also enables consumers to curate their dream homes with all ease and confidence.

Now, while embracing the transformative world of VR and 3D visuals in shopping, we appeal to you not to forget to explore TilesView. It’s a highly innovative app that utilizes the power of AI and image recognition to help you discover the perfect floor tiles and beyond without any hassle. TilesView has got it all to become your trusted companion in turning your living spaces into showcases of personal style and elegance.

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